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About the Team

Susan Perrine grew up in Niagara Falls, NY, where she was expected to wield a hammer as well as a sewing needle. Within earshot of the cascade, she learned to turn raw fibers to finished textile objects during an apprenticeship to Carol Schwartzott. In Rhode Island she learned to use Jacquard industrial looms.

She studied fine and book arts at University of Southern Maine. Susan constructs introspective textiles ranging from handheld, wearable to inhabitable. Materials come from various sources: twigs and saplings are harvested selectively, cast off books and wrapping materials are refashioned into sculpture, plant and animal fibers are a source for hand woven textiles.

Steve is a veteran, has volunteered as an EMT, training officer and director of our town's emergency rescue service. 

He has restored and painted many old homes along the east coast for individuals and non-profit historic organizations such as Historic New England.

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